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Gulf Coast Leisure is an arts and culture nonprofit located in Fort Myers, Florida. We go by GCL for short. GCL’s objective is to unite our community and share expression through art. We accomplish this through our events and programming. GCL has had a positive impact on the arts in Southwest Florida for over 11 years. We are a movement and every year we see our mission expand to encompass more and more artists. We provide platforms to local artists by way of Art and Poetry and Speak My Peace. Through this programming we connect creative businesses with artists in the area, which is Art and Poetry. We also give up and coming artists a platform through our jazz and poetry event, Speak My Peace. Gulf Coast Leisure makes headway in the arts through these staple community focused events.

Gulf Coast Leisure brings the community together through Sancocho Sundays as well. This event allows our nonprofit to reach a specific demographic by way of latin Sunday brunch. Where we bring together a latin buffet, salsa dancing with a live band, dominos, and togetherness. This event allows the patrons to dance the day away and take part in a cultural tradition of enjoying food with family. GCL creates that SWFL family through this event.

What started as a way to market and host events for businesses turned into an outlet for creative artists to connect in ways never seen before. We provide artistic inclusion and diversity to our community. GCL isn’t just another household name, it is a movement. Be a part of this movement to push the arts with us!


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Be a part of our mission to push the arts in Southwest Florida and connect a diverse community. Every donation goes to creating platforms for the arts, supporting artists, and connecting with our community. 

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