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Gulf Coast Leisure, GCL, is a local entertainment and arts nonprofit that develops events to create a diverse environment for Southwest Florida residents to connect through art, poetry, music and more. The GCL team is made up of diverse young professionals who collaborate to produce multiple events monthly in the SWFL area.

Gulf Coast Leisure’s mission is to enhance the growth of a diverse, vibrant & artistic culture in SWFL through quality events.

What started out as a couple of graduates bored with the notion that there was “nothing to do” in Southwest Florida has catapulted into a movement. Gulf Coast Leisure, founded by Marco Cruz and Brian Franklin in March of 2010, has curated and sponsored over 200 Southwest Florida events. All with the same mission; promote the growth of a diverse, vibrant and artistic culture in Southwest Florida communities. GCL accomplishes this through community outreach by sponsoring events for nonprofits, curating vendors and entertainment for its Art and Poetry Event, hosting a monthly open mic (Speak My Peace), and offering a free family-oriented Artist Showcase.

Our Events


Art and Poetry Networking Event

Connecting the community through the arts.

GCL provides a platform to benefit artists and creative businesses of Southwest Florida. This event is held every other month and is a chance to connect with our community. You get entertained while networking or shopping with other businesses. 

Sancocho Sundays

Live Salsa band, buffet, and family brunch.

Latin breakfast with dancing for the whole family. This amazing event focuses on unity within our community. A chance to go back to your roots and celebrate life. The only family brunch in Southwest Florida is held every other month!

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Be a part of our mission to push the arts in Southwest Florida and connect a diverse community. Every donation goes to creating platforms for the arts, supporting artists, and connecting with our community. 

Thanks for submitting!

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