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Gulf Coast Leisure’s longest running event, Art and Poetry, has molded into an art and culture phenomena that has stood strong the last 11+ years. At Art and Poetry, GCL brings together poets, visual artists, performing artists, freestyle dancers, and theatrical entertainment with local creative businesses and other nonprofits. Together we create an event that leaves you feeling immersed in the arts with refreshed eyes and an open mind to the possibilities our creative community can pull together.

Art and Poetry is held every other month at the beautiful and historic Sidney Berne Davis Art Center located in Fort Myers, Florida. This showcase brings a curated line up of local artists highlighting each person’s individual talents. Through this event we also allow each vendor (nonprofit, business, artist) an opportunity to deliver their brand to the patrons. 


Join us at Art and Poetry and experience what our art mecca can create.

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Harlem Rennaissance.jpg
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